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Sisters Shopping is a fashion game that is part of the Emily's Diary series, which has many other girly fashion games. This particular game is just how it sounds - two sisters shopping and trying on clothes. There is no storyline, just the fun of dressing up the girls in the different outfits available. You select a category and an item (point and click) that you’d like each sister to try. Then you can choose the camera option, and take a picture, or share your selections with your friends on Facebook, whether it be on your own FB page or the Emily's Diary page.

As you click through the various options, there are hundreds of combinations for outfits: you might want pigtails, a star shopping bag, a gold bracelet, a red frilly skirt with a dark green top and black t-strap shoes. Or, you may go for the long-haired banged look, with a long red pendant necklace, a taupe evening gown, a recycle bag (representing green shopping!) and black sandals. You may even choose to go for the casual, jean shorts and tank top with regular old tennis shoes, and you don't even have to be holding a bag! Whatever you do, live vicariously through these two sisters as they try on dozens of outfits, shoes and accessories, while at the same time playing around with some new fashion ideas and combos - have fun with it, the choices are all yours!

The unfortunate thing about this game is that, although it is fun for a few minutes or so - enough time to see what's available - there's not much else you can do. Overall, this game is perfect for children and adults- although I don't know too many boys that are going to enjoy a dress-up game. But hey, you never know!

Our rating: 2

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