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Smashz begins with a comic strip storyline that describes the situation: there is a mess of zombies on the planet and they are only afraid of one thing: Big Bob. Big Bob is a construction worker who hangs from the scaffolding above and uses his bowling balls, wrecking balls, spikey balls and anvils to attack the zombies. But he has to be careful to do it strategically so he can get all of the stars and so as not to harm the civilians!

The game controls are easy; moving the mouse directs Big Bob and his weapons across the top of the screen, allowing him to drop the objects on the zombies with a click. It is also important to try to get all of the stars if possible.

However, there are only a certain number of weapons that Big Bob has at his disposal per round, so you have to strategize. All of the weapons that Big Bob will be able to use are shown in the top left-hand corner at the start of each round. Luckily, if you don't get it right the first time, you can play the level over again after your defeat and learn from whatever you did last time. Big Bob also gets some different wooden objects that assist in the strategy of the game play, like crates, round and triangle boxes, and beams. After a few rounds, civilians are entered into the mix, so you have to be careful not to hit them!

This game is definitely appropriate for all ages. It is simple in game play and controls and is a great way for an adult to pass the time or for a child to practice his precision mouse-clicking skills and hand-eye coordination while you help direct where to drop the strategic objects.

Our rating: 3

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