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Snail Bob is an exciting puzzle game that is paced by the user, except when logic is involved. It is reminiscent of Mario; Snail Bob moves from one pipe to another over, under and through various obstacles. There is no timer, just the objectives at hand. The storyline is that Snail Bob has to get through the yard to find a new house, working through obstacles along the way. You might have to help him turn around, remove objects that are blocking his path, release a spring to help him jump. One of the "coolest" features is using a bellows to melt an ice cube that is blocking Snail Bob's path.

As the game goes on, the actions get a little more difficult. You may have to initiate one move and then complete another while Snail Bob is in mid-air. Sometimes, you might need to make Snail Bob move a little faster to achieve the goal. Others, you may have to try a few times before you figure out the correct combination of moves. You might even have to click on Snail Bob to make him go back into his shell. Further into the game, electricity becomes involved. Watch out! The developers are serious when they say "Danger- Don't Touch!" Poor little Snail Bob's green spirit could end up floating away.

Snail Bob is a game that is appropriate for all ages, even youngsters. With the simple clicks, it helps children practice their mouse skills while at the same time being entertaining to young adults . It is also great for practicing trial and error. Overall this game is very well-developed, and caters to all ages. It is colorful, interesting and challenging. If you want to be good at playing Snail Bob, you have to have quick thought processes and good reflexes!

Our rating: 4

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