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Snail Bob 5: Love Story is another Snail Bob adventure game that is in line with the other classic Snail Bob games. In this one, Snail Bob has been shot by cupid and has fallen in love with a girl snail. As he makes his way through the forest levels, from one wooden door to another.

The controls are very similar to the other Snail Bob Games (Snail Bob 1, Snail Bob 2, Snail Bob 3, Snail Bob Space and Snail Bob: Winter Story); Bob moves on his own and you use the mouse to manipulate objects around him or click the buttons in the upper right corner of the screen which can turn him around or make him move a little faster. Snail Bob can also go into his shell by pressing "space" or clicking the mouse on him. Occasionally you will encounter a bubble, or a button that will move a bridge or spring Bob across a large gap. As with the other Snail Bob games, you want to make sure that you find all three stars in each stage, not only for the completion of the level with a high score, but also because they could be blocking an object that is crucial to Bob's progress. You can also keep an eye out for other objects that could be interactive, like a butterfly or a camouflaged hamster. Bob's little friend Ant is also there to help him, when he needs to get through some tough spots.

Overall, this game is perfect for all ages, even little children who are learning how to make things work and learning cause and effect. At least in the initial levels, strategy and logic skills do not need to be very advanced, so they can get some satisfaction from getting Snail Bob to the other side!

Our rating: 5

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