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Snail Bob 6 screenshot

Snail Bob's Winter Story is very similar to the original Snail Bob game. It is a puzzle game during which Snail Bob moves through the levels with the help of the user. The Winter Story allows you to select all of the Snail Bob games from its main menu: Snail Bob Space, the original Snail Bob and Snail Bob 2, 3 and 5. In this version, the storyline behind the game is Mr. Green is captured by an evil-looking monster guy on what we assume is Christmas Day. This is all of course happening with the scenic backdrop of a snowy yard.

The graphics are a bit improved over the first Snail Bob game, and there are additional characters. There is still the option to speed Snail Bob up, but you have the additional advantage of being able to turn him around instead of waiting for a particular object. Instead of moving from one tunnel to the next, he gets to move through doors that are built into tree stumps. There are also three hidden stars in each level that you need to find in order to unlock special minigames.

There are some features, such as the ability to close Snail Bob up in his shell and the extra speed, that seem to be used more frequently in this version of Snail Bob. Snail Bob can also break objects, such as big ice cubes blocking his way. There are more direct enemies, such as bees, and friends, such as helpful spiders. The surroundings are also interactive, responding to clicks in the most unexpected places.

With additional minigames to be unlocked, this game is full of fun and combines a logical puzzle with the need for quick reflexes and good searching skills to get Snail Bob safely to his destination.

Our rating: 5

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