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The Little Who is an adventure game about a little guy who, although he has limited abilities, commences a great journey. There's not much of a background to this "who," but as you play the game you realize he knows nothing about where he's from, he just feels lost and lonely and he must keep moving toward the light - which is literally light bulbs.

The controls are pretty easy, and there is a tutorial feature for the first few rounds. The directional pad moves him left and right, with the "up" button making him jump. You need to manipulate certain objects and scenarios: you move blocks by pushing them; you avoid spikes and gaps in the ground; press buttons to open doors; squash bats and more. By the time you get through the first few levels, you realize you have a friend, a female shadow figure that you can switch to using the "space" bar when you need a little extra help. With this teamwork, the "who" progresses steadily toward the light.

What's nice about this game is that there is no time limit and you can take as many tries as you like to complete the levels; you can even restart at any point. Overall, this game is perfect for any age as it is just a great problem-solving game that does not require any advanced skills - it would be ideal for a younger child who was learning how to strategize about cause and effect. However, you may still want to be around for an extra hand because the more the "who" reaches the light, the more complicated and difficult the problem-solving becomes. It will still be fun for adults as well, as it will challenge their brain in ways they forgot it worked!

Our rating: 5

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