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I remember the original Xonix game when it first released, back in the 80th...

It was so long ago, the technology made huge steps forward and still, finding out that game was so fun.

It reminded me the days as a kid, when I played with the IBM PC (is there any kid those days who knows what is it? :) )

The game is pretty simple, but that new remake of it is simply great. Great background music, very good graphic effects for the 3d and good controls. I really enjoyed that game and I recommend it to anyone who like the retro games (do you remember those? Pacman, Digger, Frogger, etc.)

The only thing is that the game is too short, but, if you want some more, you can play the Xonix 3d levels pack which had been released a while ago as well.

4 out of 5 stars is my rating.

Our rating: 4

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