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Top Hidden Object games

  • Wheres Derpy 2Wheres Derpy 2
    Derpy the pegasus has gone missing! Help find Derpy and re-unite her with her muffins! Don't forget to check the achievements page for other fun things you can do!
  • Zombies in Central ParkZombies in Central Park
    Once a year, when the corpses become really bored in their cramped one-room underground apartments, they go out to have fun. This time the party place is the central park. The well-known guests from a...
  • Motley TownMotley Town
    Life whirls in the motley town! Everybody is busy with their own business and it is not important that they are not really people. The work does not stop for a minute. Everybody has chosen an occupati...
  • The Spell Breaker Quest - A Prince Ivan AdventureThe Spell Breaker Quest - A Prince Ivan Adventure
    It's upon you to embark on a magical journey with Prince Ivan of Banarkash in his quest to save his sisters. It doesn't end there...You also have to revive their cursed husbands, marry the Sun Princes...
  • MemohuntressMemohuntress
    As a young girl, desperate to stop her parents from fighting, Sellar Dore ran away from home. Now, years later, she learns her village has been struck by disaster. Before she can face her home again, ...
  • Music Box of Life 2Music Box of Life 2
    Sequel of a lovely difference game. A music box does wonders... And a butterfly determines fate.
  • Beautiful Old CitiesBeautiful Old Cities
    Take a trip to the old times...
  • Music Box of Life 1Music Box of Life 1
    A music box does wonders... And a butterfly determines fate.
  • Barbie princess charm hidden objectsBarbie princess charm hidden objects
    It's Barbie Princess charm school. The princess favorite objects are missing. please help her to find all objects. you will get 100 points to correct click. wrong click get -50
  • Mickey Mouse Hidden LettersMickey Mouse Hidden Letters
    Black mouse, usually wears red shorts, large yellow shoes and white gloves and one of the most recognizable cartoon characters. That’s right - it’s Mickey Mouse! There are three pictures in each o...
  • Tangled Hidden LettersTangled Hidden Letters
    In order to complete the level you have to find all of the hidden letters in each level.
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks Hidden LettersAlvin and the Chipmunks Hidden Letters
    Find all the hidden letters to advance to the next level, beat all five levels to win the game.

New Hidden Object games

  • Hidden Butterfly Hidden Butterfly
    Find all the hidden butterflies in the picture....
  • Hidden Numbers - Princess and Frog Hidden Numbers - Princess and Frog
    Find the hidden numbers in this fun hidden numbers game....
  • Hidden Expedition Everest Hidden Expedition Everest
    Find the hidden objects in the highest Hidden Objects games ever - on the Everest!...
  • Hidden Objects - Room Hidden Objects - Room
    Find the hidden objects in the messy room. How fast can you do that?...
  • Sneaky's Road Trip-Tokyo Sneaky's Road Trip-Tokyo
    Sneaky travels around the world; now he is in Japan. Help him find the items on the list. ...
  • Cleaning Day at Alma Mater Cleaning Day at Alma Mater
    It's cleaning day at the university. Students made a mess, and now we have to clean it up. Find all the items that should be found in this hidden obje...
  • The Scruffs The Scruffs
    Search through the mess of a house, find hidden objects and solve puzzles in Grandpa's mystery hidden object game....
  • Trip To Egypt Trip To Egypt
    Your vacation to Egypt is cut short when you're called on to visit a site that was recently excavated. You are a pro and distinguishing real from fake...
  • Jewelry Expert Jewelry Expert
    You are a jewelry expert and your task is to find 10 pearls in level 1, 12 rubies in level 2 and 15 diamonds in level 3....
  • Drawing Room Drawing Room
    Find the hidden objects in the drawing room using your powers of observation....
  • Halloween Room Halloween Room
    Find Hidden Objects in this Halloween room. Have fun!...
  • Haunted House Hidden Objects Haunted House Hidden Objects
    Lilly, Ella, and Sarah are going to a Haunted House. Help them find all the hidden objects before time runs out....
  • Monkey Hidden Game Monkey Hidden Game
    Find all the monkeys that are hiding in the forest. They might be swinging from or hiding behind trees. Use the box to look through the area and revea...
  • Dream Room Hidden Alphabets Dream Room Hidden Alphabets
    Find the hidden Alphabets in the dream room using your skills of observation. ...
  • Escape 3D Jail Cell Escape 3D Jail Cell
    With jail bars broken and your old prison cell in complete disarray, pursue freedom in Escape 3D: The Jail. You thought you were a free man, but the ...

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