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Game submission rules:

1. No games with content that is inappropriate for kids !
2. You must have distribution rights for the submitted game.
3. Your game must not open pop-ups or auto redirect to a new site.
4. Your game must be playable online with no need to install anything (but flash player)
5. Your game must not be racist or downright hateful towards specific group of people
6. Do not replace your file with something that is totally different.
7. MyPlayYard has the rights to reject or remove any game if it doesn't meet its standards.

Monthly contest:

Every Month, On the first business day of the month, the best games of the Month will win the contest. The prices would be 120$, $80 and $40 which will be paid to the game's submitters using paypal. We will contact the winner in order to get his details.
In order to win the contest, the game must follow the following rules:
1. Submission date is during the same month.
2. The game must be rated by 100 different users or more.

By clicking the Submit button you agree to the above rules
and to the above rules and our terms of service

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