About Us

About MyPlayYard.com:
MyPlayYard.com is a part of MyFreePlayYard ltd company.
We love games and we wanted you (our users) to have the best gaming experience online.
Therefore, on our site, you will click and play, if you see an icon of a game, it will lead you directly to the game, fast and simple.

MyPlayYard encorage the development of high quality flash games.
But, talk is cheap, so we back it up with money...
Each and every week, we choose the best game of the week and it wins a $120 prize.
Feel free to have a look at our winners page.

Please use the submission form to upload your game and participate in our contest.

Besides that, we are more than happy to sponsor good games when we see them, so if you developed a great flash game,
do not hesitate and send it, please use the contact us form to do so.
You may see a list of our sponsored games on this page.

Some of our games can be found for free on the AppStore and on Google.Play store, feel free to install them and play...

Finally, games is what we do, we want to do it well :)
if you see a game that doesn't fit here, or if you have a great idea for us which you want to share, please use the contact form, we read all of your requests.

Have fun, that is why we are all here for...