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Top Web Games

  • Daily TakuzuDaily Takuzu
    Everyday new Takuzu puzzles in different sizes.
  • Brave BirdBrave Bird
    Fly bird, fly. Tap to fly. Collect the gems.
  • Winter AttackWinter Attack
    Shoot all the aliens in as less shots as possible. Ain and click to shoot. Switch between shots and bombs at the bottom.
  • Jumping SpiderJumping Spider
    Variation of Spider Solitaire. Try to build on the tableau a group of cards from Ace to King and in suit. You can place cards in descending order regardless of suit. Cards in descending order can be m...
  • Neon BubbleNeon Bubble
    Shoot at the Neon Bubbles and match three or more. Aim and shoot.
  • Circus ShooterCircus Shooter
    Shoot the targets at the Circus. Try to hit the round targets and not the other ones. Click 'Reload' when you need new shots.
  • Luxor Tri PeaksLuxor Tri Peaks
    100 different Tri Peaks levels. Remove all cards, you can select cards that are one higher or one lower in value than the open card.
  • Greedy WormGreedy Worm
    Eat as many presents as you can. Click or Tap to let your worm change directions.
  • Solitaire legendSolitaire legend
  • Egypt Mahjong - Triple DimensionsEgypt Mahjong - Triple Dimensions
    Combine 3 Mahjong Cubes in this Triple Mahjong game. Combine 3 of the same free tiles to remove the tiles.
  • Black and White DimensionsBlack and White Dimensions
    40 levels with 3D Mahjong in Black and White. Match 2 of the same free cubes: 1 white cube and 1 black cube. Cubes are free if they have two free adjacent sides. You can rotate your view.
  • 3 Pyramid Tripeaks3 Pyramid Tripeaks
    Fun scrolling Tripeaks Solitaire game in Ancient Egypt. Remove all cards by playing cards that are 1 higher or 1 lower in value then the open card (bottom right).

New Web Games

  • Snow Queen Snow Queen
    Help the frozen animals in this match 3 game. Collect all image parts to advance to the next level....
  • Klondike Solitaire Klondike Solitaire
    Move all cards to the top 4 foundations starting with the Ace according to the Klondike rules....
  • Pinball Pinball
    Classic Pinball game. Use the arrow keys to control the game or drag and tap on the screen....
  • Block Monsters 1010 Extreme Block Monsters 1010 Extreme
    Drag the shapes on the playing area and complete rows and/or columns. Click a shape to rotate it....
  • Butterfly Match 3 Butterfly Match 3
    Match 3 game with Butterflies. Try to remove all colored (light blue) backgrounds by matching 3 or more of the same butterflies....
  • Daily Battleship Solitaire Daily Battleship Solitaire
    Find the enemy ships with the given clues. The clues are given for every row and column. Ships cannot touch. Select for every cell if it is water or a...
  • Famous Paintings 3 Famous Paintings 3
    Click/tap on all the differences in Famous Paintings 3....
  • Connect Fish Connect Fish
    Mahjong Connect in the Ocean. Connect two of the same tiles to remove those tiles. The connecting line cannot have more than two 90 degree angles....
  • Valentine Valentine
    Valentine game. Grab the tiles from the sides in pairs....
  • Maya Golf Maya Golf
    Try to putt the ball in as less shots as possible....
  • Ms Tapman Ms Tapman
    Classic Ms. Pacman game. Eat all the yellow dots and avoid the ghosts....
  • Discover Ancient Rome Discover Ancient Rome
    Discover Ancient Rome in 17 levels in this Mahjong and Difference game....
  • Neon Jump Neon Jump
    Keep jumping on the beams. Use the arrow keys or swipe....
  • Honey Bee Honey Bee
    Try to located the colored cell by using the given visual hints. Click to select a cell....
  • Disc Pool 1 Player Disc Pool 1 Player
    Pocket all the green discs (and not the red discs). Drag on the yellow disc to shoot....
  • Disc Pool 2 Player Disc Pool 2 Player
    Pocket all the green discs (and not the red discs). Drag on the yellow disc to shoot. Pocket your discs before your opponent does....
  • Dragon Run Dragon Run
    Jump and Slide in this endless runner game. Avoid the obstacles and collect the diamonds and letters....
  • Neptune Solitaire Neptune Solitaire
    Try to remove all cards by combining cards of consecutive ranks. A 2 with a 3/A or a J with a Q/K or an A with a K/2....